Well, this is my first attempt at starting a blog. Don’t know what to expect. I’m currently a senior applying to colleges, and one book I read told me to just have an exercise in writing unrelated to anything without any regard to grammar, punctuation, or spelling. I guess getting this stuff right is still important to me. Putting periods where they should go, drilled into me in the many years of our education. But it is nice, to simply write just to write, and not for some silly grade that I will never care about again. 

Part of this will be some sort of journal I guess, but I don’t want to go too personal. I kind of wanted this to mark a change in me, or a desire for change. Growing up, and leaving home, wow that is big bigger than I can ever imagine, but before I know it it’ll probably blow over and I’ll be some adult working in the massive world. I don’t ever plan on writing my name down or anything, people who know my tag should know who I am and what I do. Hopefully those people will never find out about this blog haha. Its interesting how easy it is to type words out on a screen instead of telling someone about it. I don’t know why I’ve always been attached to the computer. The safety of anonymity it gives me almost like a mask that I can wear to do what I want. 

I know I’m rambling a lot but I guess this sort of reflects who I am. Sometimes I feel my brain works on its own and leaves me behind. My body can never keep up with the productivity. Maybe that’s why I’m lazy, I always kind of know what to do and what I should do but I never do it. I always end up doing whatever comes my way. Well, pretty much sums it up for today, its pretty late for my standards. I honestly do not know what I was thinking when I thought starting something like this would help, but we’ll see. We will see…