People always tell me to plan my future, or plan it for me. I know that this is important, but it is so hard for me to do this. Maybe my resistance is a result of some part of my childhood. My parents always tried to plan my day around with a schedule whenever they had to leave and left me and my brother home. It was so annoying and I often hated the restraints, but then I guess I was also to blame because on days where I was left home I would not get much work done. I guess this extends from my Productivity post. It is so weird because I know that i have many problems, and despite trying to fix it in my brain I never really have anything that I really do to combat it. I don’t like feeling constricted, but I notice that take life day to day is not always as interesting or productive as I hope it to be. But now, as I spiral off to college and while I am trying to plan out my life and my next four years, and my resistance to looking long-term only adds to the giant task of college applications.