Wow. I did not think that it would be so hard to blog every day, Even when I’m just writing very casually with no edits or any review. Heck, I ignore punctuation and grammar half the time just bsing it as I go along. I always think that doing something every day is simple. But when I think about it the only things that I really do every day are going to sleep, waking up, taking a shower (almost every day at least), brushing my teeth. Heck I don’t even put on my retainers or floss everyday. Even things that I bring out don’t always include the usual: keys, phones, wallets, and much more are often left at home forgotten. I really only bring my backpack and glasses out, if those even count because I consider them basically as part of my outfit like clothes are. What is consistent though I can say for certain are my shoes. I wear one type of shoes for everything, except for badminton, and until those shoes are so battered that the soles have more empty space then there is rubber, and my sock is sticking out do I put on that new pair of shoes.