Just a little short post on random thoughts before I go to sleep at night. Then again I always wrote these just before I sleep. Hmm, Its odd, I thought I had changed, but maybe not as much as I had thought. Doing stuff like hc boys dance is hard work, I can’t believe I could get sore from just dance practice wtf. I guess I’m still the same shy, reclusive guy shutting a lot of people out. I wonder how other people see me. if I could have any power I would want to be able to live other peoples lives, just for a day, or maybe even an hour and see how other people view things, and more importantly how others view me. I think too much, always pushing scenarios in my head and interpreting peoples actions in the wrong way, maybe this makes me act all weird and then cause them to actually act the way that I thought they would act. Darn I thought I was a lot more open to things, maybe I am, maybe I’m just being too critical on myself as always but iono life is confusing, I’ve never really had anything that I really wanted to do all my life, and nothing in my past seems to stand out for me as challenging or difficult. It just becomes the past, writing college essays, hmm if only I could remember things, or make simple things sound awesome. But I am actually a bit glad because of these college essays. Why else would I even try to start a blog to get my thoughts sorted out, or even reflect for hours and hours thinking of random prompts in my life to write about and analyze their significance?