October 21st 2013. Wow time passes fast, I remember staring my first essay during the summer around 4 months ago, and thinking that I wouldn’t be like the average procrastinating senior, that I would get things done. Yet, even now just about 8 days before the final application is due and I’m here writing a blog post rather than continuing my essays and adding activities and stuff sigh. Well, I’m here to say that now I can finally feel that everything will go well. There’s been many ups and downs and times where I just want to quit and just go to a community college. Talking about yourself and summarizing your life for an application is so unreal, it’s very daunting and sometimes I stop to do other things just to stay sane. Just to forget about who I am and what I do and just do nothing. Spend some time away, talk to random strangers. I hear that we, as humans, sleep to forget a bunch of the junk that we see during the day. It is obviously not important what the label on a pen that you are using (mine says smart investing @ the library), and during our sleep our brain stops firing so often, and really only the important things stick. Maybe procrastinating is just a way of doing this, why I don’t go to sleep instead I do not know. I’ve become more and more nocturnal, or just not sleeping much I guess. Its weird that I have so much energy in the day considering since the start of freshmen year I’ve lost about an hour of sleep every grade advance, and yet I am still spending a lot of time procrastinating rather than doing work ugh. I guess I want to say its normal, and don’t worry and everything will be fine, and sure hope that’s true, heck if I don’t even believe it how can it ever come true? Well ultimately, its starting to get to crunch time, time to tighten every essay and go HAM, just man-mode the essay and go full on productive 100%. And that’s where we as students thrive, its amazing how much work can be done in just a week, a day, or even sometimes in the magic of a mere hour.